Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Superior Edge Logging Competition!

House Competition Winners

American Graffiti House, Van Antwerp Hall - 1,063 hours logged by 8 residents
Downtown House, Hunt Hall - 913.5 hours logged by 6 residents 
Shady Grove, Hunt Hall - 754.5 hours logged by 6 residents

Apartment Winners

Norwood Apartments - 1,135 hours logged by 14 residents
Lincoln Townhouses - 594 hours logged by 10 residents
Spooner Hall - 543 hours logged 

The Superior Edge is a student development program at NMU that provides students with the opportunity to combine in- and out-of-the-classroom experiences in a way that will provide them with an edge after they graduate.  Participants in this program document hours of relevant activities and experiences and write reflective papers that illustrate what they have experienced and what they have learned.

The Superior Edge Logging Competition is a friendly contest between each house of every residence hall and apartment complex on NMU's campus.  This logging encourages every participant to "earn" more hours without sacrificing the quality of their experience.  Once you're a member of the Superior Edge Program, your hours are tracked automatically and reported to Housing and Residence Life by the Center for Student Enrichment.  Your hours are then added to others in your house and the summary is posted below.  This summary is updated about every week during the fall semester.

Contact the Housing and Residence Life Office at (906) 227-2620 or if you have questions about the logging competition.  Contact the Superior Edge Program at (906) 227-2439 or at if you have questions about the Superior Edge Program.

Hours logged through November 3, 2019

Hunt Hall

Galleon 168.5
Copa Cabana  31
Shady Grove  754.5
Downtown  913.50
Hunt Total 1,867.50

Magers Hall

Neverland 22
Sleepy Hollow 28.5
Treasure Island  234.80
Magers Total 285.30

Van Antwerp Hall

Moose Lodge  492.30
Down Under 9
Aspen Haus  27
American Graffiti  1,063
Concert House  427.50
Van Antwerp Total         2018.80

Spalding Hall

Hogwarts  442
The Gallery  220
Spalding Total          662

Maple Hall

Misty Mountain 25


The Gnar 56.2
Sunset Strip 20.8
The Light House 92
Maple Total 279.50

Cedar Hall

Breakwater 292.40
The Attic 142
Cedar Total 434.40
GRAND TOTAL 5,547.50


Superior Edge is a great opportunity for students to get involved in both the NMU and Marquette community, and the program is open to everyone! Here is what some of the recent Superior Edge graduates have said about their experiences:

“I never thought I would say that my life changed through completing the Superior Edge program but it did. This program made me a more confident, accepting citizen.  I am more willing and even eager to learn more about opportunities that are right there for me.  There are so many of them and Superior Edge has taught me to go for them.”

~Amanda Kaminski-Wieser, Superior Edge

What did I learn about becoming an effective leader?  I learned that everyone has a different leadership style and needs to find their ‘niche,’ and since I followed my heart, everything else followed.  I got involved in an issue that mattered deeply to me and one thing led to another, and it has made me a much more confident, poised, and mature individual. I am not the person I was freshman year, and I contribute that to my leadership involvement on campus.”

~Erica Lensink, Leadership Edge