Our Purpose

Women for Women’s purpose is to promote education, service, and leadership throughout the NMU campus and Marquette community. We do this by introducing others to health, sexuality, equality, empowerment, civil rights, and other issues.   

Who can Join?

Anyone who is interested in helping put together projects that have a positive impact on women in the area!  We meet every Wednesday at 8pm in the Hunt/Van Antwerp Lobby.

Our History

Women for Women was originally founded as a grassroots organization dedicated to the promotion of a female sisterhood.  In 2007 it originally started on campus as a way to unite the all-female houses. 

Over the years we have expanded our efforts to help raise awareness not only towards women's rights but the rights of minorities, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented communities.  

Student Presidents

Hannah Mahn & Jenna Chappell


Chad Allard

Events We Host

  • Slut walk  
  • Hear Us Roar 
  • Self-Acceptance Week 
  • Wage gap bake sale

Connect With Us!

Reach out to us via email here.