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At the end of Steps 4 through 6, you have hopefully identified between 1 and 4 candidates that you’d like to bring to campus (if not, re-consider the feedback and results you’ve gotten, and go back to either Step 2 or Step 4).  If there is one clear candidate who is head and shoulders above the others, it is not necessary to spend additional time and money on the others.  Bring the one candidate to campus, and only bring in the others as needed.  If all of the candidates remaining at the end of Step 6 offer unique strengths and weaknesses, you may want to bring up to four individuals for a campus visit. 

Expenses (airfare, hotels, possibly meals or transportation) for the campus visit are typically paid by the department, unless the candidate is readily able to present him/herself with little or no personal expense (personal car mileage from within the U.P., food on the journey, etc.).  The search chair or committee should identify a reasonable set of activities for the campus visit (who to meet with, room scheduling, presentation times announced, etc.) and ensure that all interested parties are aware of the arrangements.  In some cases, it will make sense to schedule campus visits back-to-back in a short period of time, while in other cases, logistics or personal schedules will make that unlikely. 

Please ensure that all campus employees (and any others) who will participate in the campus visit process are aware of the interview guidance presented here.

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