NMU offers a Visa pay card issued by Global Cash Card for employees who choose not to enroll in direct deposit.  The Visa pay card provides a safe and convenient alternative to a paper check.  Funds are loaded onto the card no later than 9 a.m. EST on payday.  Employees who have direct deposit may choose to switch to the pay card at anytime or allocate a portion of their net pay to a pay card.

Global Cash Card offers a variety of features for cardholders including, but not limited to:

  • Free secondary cards for family members
  • Free Form 1040-EZ Tax Return Preparation by TurboTax
  • Free enrollment in rewards programs
  • Special discount programs and promotions
  • Online bill payment
  • Deposits from other employers, tax refunds, government assistance, etc. onto the card

Cardholders may access their balance on the card using a variety of methods. 

  • Teller assisted cash withdrawals at participating Visa banks and credit unions
  • ATM withdrawal (the AllPoint network of ATMs are surcharge free)
  • Point of Sale (POS) transactions
  • ACH transfers
  • Card to card transfers
  • G-checks
  • Convenience checks

Cardholders may check their balance using a variety of methods:

  • Internet https://www.globalcashcard.com
  • Mobile banking (logon to globalcashcard.com from your web enabled mobile device)
  • 2-Way texting
  • Automated Telephone Customer Service 1-866-395-9200
  • Toll-Free Call to a Live Customer Service Representative 1-866-395-9200
  • ATM balance inquiry (fees apply)

Only the first transaction for the payroll load using one of the specified methods is free; subsequent transactions and other types of transactions may be subject to fees.

Employees interested in the Visa pay card should first review the Important Information and Cardholder Fee Schedule for more specific information and return a completed authorization form to Human Resources.  The employee will first receive an instant issue card for immediate use until they receive a personalized card that is embossed with their name in the mail.