Sexual Misconduct Policy Amendment

Date Approved:11-2-2017
Last Revision:11-2-2017
Last Reviewed:11-2-2017
Approved By:President


Ammendment to Northern Michigan University's Sexual Misconduct Policy


All University students, faculty, staff, and visitors.


Amendment to Northern Michigan University's Sexual Misconduct Policy

On September 22, 2017, the U.s. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights withdrew the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter, and intends to issue new Title IX regulations after an open rulemaking process. Until published regulations are finalized, interim guidance to campuses has been provided.

Interim Measures (Section 5 and referenced in other areas of the procedures.)

  • Interim measures are services offered as appropriate to either or both the complainant and responding parties involved in an alleged incident of sexual misconduct, prior to and/or once an investigation has been initiated.
  • Interim measures will be individualized based on the information gathered, and the University will make every effort to avoid depriving any student of their education.

Investigations (Sections 8 & 9 and referenced in other areas of the procedures.)

  • Once an investigation is opened that may lead to disciplinary action against the responding party, the responding party will be provided written notification of the allegations constituting potential violation(s) of the school's sexual misconduct policy, including sufficient details and time to prepare a response before any interview. The details will include the identities of the parties involved, the specific section of the Code of Conduct allegedly violated, the conduct allegedly constituting the potential violation, and the date and location of the alleged incident.
  • Each party will receive written notice in advance of any interview with at least 48 hours to prepare. Each party will have timely and equal access to any information that will be used during formal disciplinary meets.