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Consultant and Outside Activities Policy

Consultant and Outside Activities Policy

To provide guidance for faculty members who perform consulting and outside activities.

All Faculty and Staff.


Faculty members shall undertake consulting and outside work commitments under the following conditions:

Prior to accepting any consultation or outside work assignment during his/her appointment period, a faculty member shall advise his or her department head and dean in writing of the scope and duration of the assignment to be undertaken and the employer or agency to be served. Forms for such purpose are available in each dean's office. An example of the form is on the following page.

Such work must not interfere with the faculty member's assigned University responsibilities, both classroom and nonclassroom, nor involved a conflict of interest.

A maximum of eighteen (18) working days may be devoted to outside consultation activities during the regular academic year (fall and winter semesters).

Equipment, supplies, materials, and clerical services utilized in outside work shall be provided by the faculty member and not by the University.

If, in the opinion of the department head or dean, outside consulting or outside work interferes with the regular University duties of the faculty member, said faculty member shall be instructed to terminate or substantially modify such work as a condition of continuing employment on a full-time basis or to accept a reduced appointment or to accept a leave of absence without pay for a specified period.



Date Approved:4-2-1987
Last Revision:4-2-1987
Last Reviewed:4-2-1987
Approved By:Board of Trustees
Attached form file: Request for Authorization to Perform Consultant Service.pdf