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2020 Alcohol and Other Drugs Student Notification
Academic Proficiency
Acceptable Use
Acceptance Of Gifts (Excluding Real Estate) X X VehicleDonationOct2017.docx
TangibleOver5000DonationFebruary2018 (6).docx
Acceptance Of Gifts Of Real Estate
Accepting Or Granting Gratuities Or Special Favors
Accident Report
ADA/Section 504 Grievance X
ADA/Section 504 Non-Discrimination X
After Hours Use Of University Facilities X
Alcohol And Illegal Drug Policy Development Standards
Alcohol Beverage at the Superior Dome, the Don H. Bottum University Center and the NMU Golf Course
Animal Welfare Assurance
Animals as Disability Accommodations
Appeals For Policies For Governing Student Organizations
Appointing Endowed Professorship/Chair
Approved Vendors X
Archives And Records Management
Asbestos Management X
Assurance of Compliance with HHS Regulations For Protection of Human Research Subjects
Assurance of Cost Allowability
Athletic Accident Insurance
Automated External Defibrillator X
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control X
Bulk Mail X
Campus Assessment Team
Campus Emergencies
Cell Phone Service and Related Equipment X
Central Stores Requisitions X
Change-In-Use/Moves And/Or Renovation/Remodeling Project X CHANGE in Use Form.docx
Class Attendance
Conditions of Enrollment
Conference And Guest Housing
Confined Space Entry X
Conflict of Interest X
Consensual Relationship X
Consultant and Outside Activities Request for Authorization to Perform Consultant Service.pdf
Contracting Of Professional Services X
Copier/Digital Duplicator X
CR Test Policy
Credit And Collections
Data Classification
Debt Hold System
Departmental Cash Receipts
DeVos Art Museum - Access To The Collection X DeVos Art (1).pdf
DeVos Art Museum Acquisitions X DeVos Art (1).pdf
DeVos Art Museum Deacessions X DeVos Art (1).pdf
Dining Services X
Distinguished Faculty Awards Program
Distribution of Revenues From Copiers, Concessions, And Vending
Distribution or Sale of NMU Student Publications and Other Written Materials
DRAFT Gender Inclusive/Family Spaces
Drug Free Workplace Act Drug Free Workplace Act.docx
Effort Certification Policy for Sponsored Programs Participation
Electronic Records Management
Emergency Response Guidelines X
Emeritus Selection X
Employee Delinquent Accounts
Employee Handling A Student Organization's Funds X
Employee Health And Safety X
Employee Recognition Policy X
Employee Safety Training X
Employee Use of University Resources X
Employee's Association With The University For Financial Gain Or For Private Interest
Employees Appointed By The University To Serve On Outside Boards, Councils, Commissions, Etc.
Employees Elected To Public Office
Employees Who Serve On Outside Boards, Councils, Commissions, Etc., Where Such Service Is Not Related To The Employee's Employment
Employment Extension Policy To Be Used When A Grant Or Contract Is In The Process Of Being Renewed Or Extended X
Employment-Based Immigration Sponsorship Reimbursement Agreement Approved by PC 11-20-2019.pdf
Energy Conservation
English Language Proficiency Admission Policy - For Graduate Admissions
English Language Proficiency Admission Policy - For Undergraduate Admissions
English Language Proficiency Admission Policy - For Undergraduate Transfer Admissions
Entry Into And Search Of Residence Hall Rooms
Establishing a Professional Affiliate X Professional Affiliate Policy Form rev 12_18.docx
Exhibits and Displays At Northern Michigan University Facilities
Eye Safety X
Facilities & Administrative (Indirect) Costs X
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Fire Alarm Evacuation X
Flexible Work Program X Flexible Work Program Policy 1.17.22.docx
Fraud Reporting X
Freedom of Information X X
Fund Raising and Soliciting Gifts X
Gifts or Awards in Excess of $5000
Graduate Thesis Rights and Permissions X
Grant Or Contract Generated Indirect Funds
Handling Of Summons, Complaint, Or Legal Document
Handling The Billing, Payments And Funds Of International Students
Hazard Communications X X Hazardous Material Memo 2018.docx
Inventory additions and deletions form.xlsx
Hazardous Material Management X
Hospitality Management Program Food Service Activities
Housing Requirement
Human Subjects Research Policy Manual
Human Tissue Use
Humane Care and Use of Animals
In-Kind Gifts And Exchanges
Incident Reporting for Accidents/Injuries/Illnesses Incident Reporting Procedures.docx
Inclement Weather X
Information Technology Extended Google Workspace Policy X
Institutional Base Salary X
Insurance Coverage X X
Intellectual Property X
Intercollegiate Athletics and U.S. Olympic Training Site Student-Athlete Code
International Travel
Intra - University Billings
Investment Policy Statement for Endowments
Investment Policy Statement for Operating Cash
Jacobetti Center Service Activities
Key Control X
Legal Representation X
Liquor License Approval
Maintenance Of University Facilities And Grounds Policy X Maintenance Of University Facilities And Grounds Policy.docx
Mandatory Rubeola (Measles) Immunization
Match/Cost Share of Sponsored Programs X
Media Equipment Purchases X
Medical Amnesty X
Medical Transport
Military Withdrawal Exemption X
Minimum Class Size X
Minors on Campus X
MIOSHA Laboratory Standard Chemical Hygiene Plan X
Missing Person X
Moving Expense X
Naming Policy for Facilities, Buildings, Spaces, Programs and other Properties and Functions X
Nepotism X
Non-Discrimination X
Non-Supplanting Of Funds
Northern Michigan University Educational Assistance Plan
Office Environment X
On-Campus Student Employment
Outside Speakers Policy
Parental Notification Regarding Alcohol And Drugs
Password Policy X
Payment Card Industry X
Petty Cash X
Policy and Procedure Database X
Possession and Use of Alcoholic Beverages by Students
Postal Regulations
Posting Materials Policy X
Power Lockout X
Preferred Name
Printing Services (Central Stores) Requisitions X
Printing Services Requistition Forms X
Prohibiting Use Of Federal Funds For Lobbying
Public Safety Notification for Special Events
Public Safety, Miscellaneous
Purchase of Supplies, Materials, and Services/Travel and Entertainment Expenses (to $2500) X PurchasingCardContract.pdf
Reasonable Accommodation
Rebates and Refunds
Reimbursement For Professional Memberships X
Relationship Violence, Sexual Misconduct, and Stalking Policy and Procedure (Interim Policy) X AppendixA.pdf
Appendix C.pdf
Reporting Research Involving Human Subjects
Requests for Purchasing Cards X
Residency for Tuition Purposes
Respiratory Protection X
Retiree Privileges / Reference to Archived Retiree Benefits
Risk Management
Safeguarding Customer Information
Safety Statement
Scheduling Of Classroom And Laboratory Space
Scientific Misconduct X
Selection Of Student Speaker At Commencement Ceremonies
Short-Term Loan Regulations
Social Security Number Privacy X
Standard Purchasing X
Student Equipment in Art & Design Department
Student Organization Registration Policy
Sudden Death
Summer Flextime Hours X
Tailgating X
Telephone Services X
Textbook Adoption
Tickets X
Tobacco Free Campus X
Transfer of University Historical Records to Archives Policy X Reappraisal-Transfer of Historical University Records to Archives.docx
Unauthorized Release Of Department Of State Information
Uncrewed Aircraft X
Uniform Proposal Review X
University Equipment and Fixed Asset Capitalization X
University ID
University Related Travel For Non-employees
University Related Travel For Nonemployee Groups X
University Signage X
University Vehicle Coloring and Lettering
University-Owned Vehicles
Use Of An Employees Association With The University For Financial Gain Or For Private Interest
Use Of Less Than Lethal Force
Use Of NMU Health Center By University Employees
Use Of Student Information
Use Of University Facilities And Equipment X
Vendor Privacy X X Vendor Privacy Agreement.pdf
Visitation Policy
Visiting International Scholar Program
Voluntary Psychological Withdrawal Policy (Pending Board of Trustees Approval) Treatment Provider Form.docx
Whistleblower X
Work Requests To Plant Operations-Facilities
Workplace Violence X


01.00 Alcoholic Beverages: Possession or Use of
02.00 Buildings: Use Of
03.00 Camping
04.00 Dangerous Materials
05.00 Disorderly Conduct
06.00 Conduct Disruptive Of University Affairs
07.00 Improper Use Of Electronic Devices
08.00 Fire
09.00 Building Evacuation
10.00 Fireworks
11.00 Fraudulent Receipt Of Goods Or Services
12.00 Gate-Crashing
13.00 Identification
14.00 Noise
15.00 Animals
16.00 Plants, Trees and Shrubs
17.00 Posting
18.00 Property, Lost, Found, or Abandoned
19.00 Snowmobiles, Model Airplanes (Motorized), All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV)
20.00 Soliciting, Selling, And Publicizing
21.00 Use Of Tobacco Products
22.00 Weapons And Explosives
23.00 Wildlife
24.00 Skateboarding And Rollerblading Or Skating
25.00 Crimes Against Property
26.00 Crimes Against Persons
Motor Vehicle Ordinances 2020-2021 Motor Vehicle Ordinance Booklet .pdf

Stand-Alone Guideline

Compliant/Issue Key Contacts
Emergency Response Notification Guidelines
Guidelines for the Preparation of Food by Members of Residence Hall and On-Campus Apartment Student Organizations
Honorary Degree Recipient/Commencement Speaker Guidelines Honorary Degree - Commencement Speaker Nomination Form.pdf
How Policies are Updated on this Database X
Inclement Weather Interpretative Guidelines
Mail Handling Protocol And FBI Advisory Poster
Motor Vehicle Ordinance Map 2020 Parking Map Update.pdf
NMU Food Handling Guidelines for Bake Sales/Fundraisers
President's Council
University Service Charges
Vendor Privacy Agreement Vendor Privacy Agreement.pdf

Student Handbook

Student Handbook