Passport to Campus Testing Event

Northern will host the Passport to Campus event from Monday, August 3 through Saturday, August 15 at the Northern Center. At the event, employees and students will be tested for COVID-19. 

Ongoing Testing

NMU's Health Center will be conducting ongoing testing for the COVID-19 virus and antibodies. To inquire about being tested, contact the Health Center at 906-227-2355. 

If you receive a positive test from an outside testing agency, contact the NMU Health Center at 906-227-2355 or the NMU Human Resources Department at 906-227-2330 as soon as possible. 

All persons who test positive will be asked to immediately isolate for a specified period of time. Guidance will be provided by the NMU Health Center or your own health care provider. If you are an on-campus resident, there will be a location specified for your isolation. Employees and commuter students will be asked to isolate at their personal residences.