Get Involved

Take an hour out of your day to step into a club meeting, look out for talks, films and other events on campus regarding sustainability, practice sustainable living on a small (or grand scale) on and off campus… or simply sit down with someone to discuss the importance of sustainability, or email for more in depth information as to how you can become a sustainability ambassador at NMU!

Do Your Part

Take the phrase, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" seriously! Think about what each of these Rs mean, and how incredibly important they are! 


nmu dining employee holding salad

Make Smart Choices

Be concious about  the food you purchase. How far did it travel to arrive in your hands? How was it grown and harvested? Is it processed? The food you put into your body is vitally important to your well being, as well as the well being of our planet. Buying local and organic on a budget is easy, for you will get more nutrients and feel more satisfied with a  smaller meal prepared with yummy, fresh, organic goods than with a large meal of processed, chemically saturated "food". 

Where Does Your Food Come From?

Take the time to think about animal agriculture before you purchase meat or dairy products. Do some research about what the effects the meat and dairy industry have on the world (socially and environmentally)!