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NMU Day of Giving

Northern holds its sixth annual NMU Day of Giving on Tuesday, November 29. Alumni and friends from across the globe come together to help increase academic resources and expand critical access and aid for NMU students. NMU Day of Giving is the opportunity to keep the natural spirit that supports NMU alive and well.

In 2021, for the first time ever, the Student Leader Fellowship Program was featured on NMU’s Day of Giving.  This was exciting for our program as it is an amazing opportunity for us to help get even closer to having the program fully financially supported for the foreseeable future.


Members carving pumpkins with students - 30 years of leadership and service

30 Years of Service to our Communities

Impact of the SLFP

Since its creation in 1991 through 2022, the 1,271 graduates of the SLFP have logged 137,603 volunteer and community leadership hours at 587 different sites in the Marquette community and across the world. In addition, over 815 individual community members have served as leadership mentors and role models for SLFP members. The synergy between student leaders, community members, and nonprofit and volunteer organizations has made a positive impact on countless lives.

How You Can Make a Difference

Every gift helps provide SLFP students with mentor relationships, community internships, the Fall Retreat, a graduation ceremony, and everything in between.

There are two ways you can direct support to our program. Annual gifts designated to the SLFP fund provide immediately available financial resources to expand the SLFP experience. A gift directed to the David L. Bonsall Endowment adds to an ongoing source of income that enhances stability and allows for future program growth.

Both options are significant to funding SLFP’s current and future needs and we thank you for giving to this exceptional NMU tradition.

How Giving Supports the SLFP

Giving directly to the SLFP helps fund essential program components like the annual Fall Retreat, internship planning meetings, networking, and social events, support for the Skill Builder! workshop series, and the graduation ceremony. 

Giving to the David L. Bonsall Endowment Fund will help ensure that the SLFP can continue its commitment to developing competent, ethical, and community-centered leaders well into the future. The goal of the fund is to eventually make the SLFP a self-sustaining program and guarantee that the SLFP will be a fixture of the NMU student experience. 

The endowment fund was renamed to honor a key contributor and role model of the SLFP - Dave Bonsall. Dave was instrumental in creating the SLFP. He helped write the initial grant that started the program and was involved with coordinating and sustaining the program for 22 years. Dave is still involved with the SLFP in a number of ways. Perhaps most important of all, Dave lives his life in a way that exemplifies the vision and goals of this tremendous program. For these reasons and more, the SLFP endowment will forever bear his name.


Program Donors

$500+ Student Fellow Sponsors

Daniel Blood

Dave & Sandy Bonsall

David Buick

Lindsey & Tyson Butorac

Heidi Ernst

ExxonMobil Foundation

Dr. James & Kathleen Keplinger

Cindy Paavola

Schwab Charitable Fund


$250+ Student Fellow Sponsors


Dr. Jon & Maggie Barch Shannon & Christian Schuster Jane & Matthew Surrell


$100+ Friends of the Student Leader Fellowship Program


James Anderson & Vicki Wurzburg

Timothy & Dianne Bennett

Erin & Michael Berkowitz

Merry Jo Brandimore

Kelly & Brett Brende

Alysa Diebolt

Dr. Alexis Eckard

Brendan & Sara Franklin

Rachel & John Harris


Amanda Hawkins

Thomas Humphrey

Kara Jacoboni

Melissa & Daniel Kallio

Mary Kellermann

Lisa & Paul Kotz

Dency Lippert

J'Aimee & David Lippert

Amanda Lynch


Robert & Carolyn Myers

Edward & Sara Niemi

Amy Schulz

Anna & Dan Sharkey

Ronald & Janet Stump

Stephanie Taylor

Michelle & Roger Todzy II

Amy Uecke

Nicole Weber

$50+ Contributors to the Student Leader Fellowship Program

Richard Andersons

James Boileau

Courtney Brown

Karen Dubow

Barbara & Andrew Gooch

Shannon Jedd

Mary Kerlin

Gregory & Christina Kleinheinz

Victoria Leonhardt

Jerome & Jennifer Lombardo

Savannah Mallo

Erin Sikkema & Darryn Adams

Ryan Watling

Connie & Faye Williams

Alexander Wolfe

Other Contributors

Gladys & Dewar Bosel

Esther Deno

Henschel Hoof Care LLC

Michelle Janisz

Jane Kamps

Meredith Keck

Michaela McLeod

Karen Saari & Dave Pausch

Mary & Joseph Sargent

Mary Snyder-Henschel & Jeremy Henschel

Brianne Steele

Morgan Zoeller