Producing high-quality leadership development programs involves a considerable expense. One of the major ways that the Center for Student Enrichment is able to provide a portion of the support for leadership programs is through an annual Tuition Drawing.

The Tuition Drawing is conducted every fall; the suggested donation for individual tickets is $6 each or five for $25. Tickets are mailed to the parents of NMU students and are also available in the Center for Student Enrichment (1101 Northern Center). Please note: Purchase is not required in order to participate in the drawing, however, most NMU families choose to send a contribution with their entry.

This year the Tuition Drawing cannot be held at the Superior Dome due to COVID-19 restrictions, the drawing will be recorded in our office and posted on our website.

You may view the 2020 Tuition Drawing Video here!

Winners of our 2020 Tuition Drawing:

1st place:

One semester of in-state undergraduate tuition winter 2020 (approximate $5,100 value-tuition only) - Connor Millina

2nd place:

$250 applied towards tuition winter 2020 - Lylli Sondrol

3rd place:

$100 applied towards tuition winter 2020 - Graham Davis

All proceeds for the Tuition Drawing support the Student Leader Fellowship Program at Northern Michigan University.  Thank you to all who contributed. For questions or more information on the Tuition Drawing, please contact the Center for Student Enrichment at 906-227-1771 or