Associate Degree

Cannabis and Plant-Based Wellness Operations Associate of Applied Science

The Cannabis Operations component focuses on all frontline aspects and workforce needs of the rapidly expanding cannabis retail industry. Students gain an understanding of cannabis regulations and advanced dispensary retail while learning to interact with and lawfully instruct others about cannabis and related product use. Students also gain a strong foundational knowledge of the cannabis business environment and regulatory components of day-to-day operations including processes for establishing compliant protocols and practices for remaining compliant.

Plant-Based Wellness focuses on the development of skills needed for careers in the quickly growing plant-based wellness industry including retail and frontline services. Students develop the competencies needed to interact with and lawfully instruct others about plant-based wellness and how plants and plant-based products can impact systems in the human body. Historical elements of integrating plants into wellness, the foundational knowledge needed to pursue plant-based wellness careers, and regulatory compliance and established practices for remaining compliant are emphasized.

Cannabis and Plant-Based Wellness Operations


  • 100% Online

  • Accelerated Courses

  • Complete in 2 years

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"CO 111 provided me with knowledge regarding all things related to working in the cannabis industry such as the history of the cannabis plant, variety of career options, medicinal and recreational usage, and the chemistry of the plant. The online format offers a flexible learning option for people who have busy lives."

Kyle Pruett

Student, Big Rapids, MI

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Total Credits Required for the Degree: 60

General Education Courses: 16

Choose one course each from:

Effective Communication

Quantitative Reasoning & Analysis

Choose two courses from:

Social Responsibility in a Diverse World (one course maximum)

Integrative Thinking (one course maximum)

Human Expression (one course maximum)

Perspectives on Society (one course maximum)

Scientific Inquiry (one course maximum)


Technical Concentration: 32

CO 111 Cannabis Fundamentals 4

CO 121 Cannabis: Uses and Effects 2

CO 131 Dispensary Operations 2

CO 211 Federal Dispensary Regulations 2

CO 212 State Dispensary Regulations 2

LDR 200 Ethical Leadership in the Workplace 4

PBW 101 Applied Natural Wellness Retail 4

PBW 111 Fundamentals of Natural Wellness 4

PBW 121 Wellness Plants: Uses and Effects 4

PBW 131 Plant Wellness Customer Service 4

PBW 289 Graduation Assessment for Cannabis

and Plant-Based Wellness Operations 0


Elective Courses (choose 12 credits): 12


MGT 121 Introduction to Business


MKT 230 Introduction to Marketing 4

GC 101 Introduction to Environmental Science 4

LPM 101 Principles of Asset Protection 4

LPM 290 Retail Accounting and Inventory Control 4


Note: Requires a “C” or higher in Technical Concentration.