About the Program

Manufacturing remains at the heart of the Midwest economy.  Gain the skills and education needed to succeed in today’s competitive manufacturing industry through the one semester MPT program. Graduates of this program will have the skills they need to start an exciting and profitable career.

Short-term commitment. In just one semester, gain a competitive advantage over other applicants starting out in the manufacturing field.

Industry driven.  All credits are directly transferrable into an associate's or bachelor's degree, giving you complete control over where your education takes you.

Easy to apply. Only a high school diploma/GED is required.


Smart Investment

  • Industry supported. Many MPT sponsors offer guaranteed job interviews, tuition reimbursement packages, and/or part-time employment while enrolled.
  • Scholarships available.  $1000 scholarships available to qualifying students.
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Median Earnings

(earnings range: $16.43 - $44.01/hr.)

Projected Job Growth

to 2024
+5% (National)
+11% (Michigan)

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the MPT program, you will have the skills and education that manufacturing companies want in an employee. Gain a strong foundation in: 

  • The manufacturing process and the basic operation of equipment commonly used in manufacturing settings. 
  • Work concepts such as time management, work ethic and attitude, team building and problem solving. 
  • Blueprint reading. 
  • How to use precision measuring tools and equipment. 
  • Occupational safety in an industrial setting. 

Course You'll Take

  • IM 195A: Contemporary Work Concepts (3 cr.)
  • IM 195B: Occupational Safety (online) (2 cr.)
  • IM 105: Applied Technical Mathematics (4 cr.)
  • IT 180: Introduction to Fluid Power (3 cr.)
  • MF 134: Manufacturing Process (4 cr.)

16 Total Credits

These companies are proud supporters of the MPT program:

Argonics Logo
Stewart Manufacturing, LLC
Systems Control