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About the Certificate

The Plant-Based Wellness Certificate focuses on the development of skills needed for careers in the quickly growing plant-based wellness industry including retail and frontline services. Students develop the competencies needed to interact with and lawfully instruct others about plant-based wellness and how plants and plant-based products can impact systems in the human body. Historical elements of integrating plants into wellness, the foundational knowledge needed to pursue plant-based wellness careers, and regulatory compliance and established practices for remaining compliant are emphasized.

Plant-Based Wellness Online Certificate


  • 100% Online

  • Accelerated Courses

  • Complete in 1 year

  • Preparatory for Retail and Frontline Positions

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"As a practicing clinical herbalist, my focus is always on the client, and how I can facilitate the most effective and safe relationships between medicinal plants and the people who use them. This approach to herbal wellness as a clinician deeply informs my approach to teaching herbal wellness. The knowledge base and tools used to assess product quality, safety, and efficacy are the same whether we're considering a custom formula for an individual client or an off-the-shelf product used by thousands of people. My goal is to provide students with those tools, which run the gamut from legal considerations to plant pharmacology to assessing herb-drug interactions and everything in between."

Hannah Rae Behrens

Instructor, Technology and Occupational Sciences

Prepare for the emerging industry.

Engage in accelerated courses designed to teach you best practices for customer service, legally compliant communication, and the historical elements of integrating plants into wellness. Additionally, you'll become confident in regulatory compliance and remaining compliant in the retail and frontline settings.

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Total Credits Required for the Certificate - 16 

Technical Concentration - 16 credits
  • PBW 101 Applied Natural Wellness Retail [OR] - 4 cr.

                   LDR 200 Ethical Leadership in the Workplace (for students who have previously completed PBW 101 as part of another certificate)

  • PBW 111 Fundamentals of Natural Wellness - 4 cr.
  • PBW 121 Wellness Plants: Uses and Effects -4 cr.
  • PBW 131 Plant Wellness Customer Service - 4 cr.

The information above represents a basic outline of program requirements for the online certificate. Students will be advised by the Technology and Occupational Science Department and are required to fulfill all course requirements with a "C" or higher. See the NMU Undergraduate Bulletin for details:

Suggested Program Sequence (Fall and Winter Semester Course Loads)
Fall Courses

PBW 101 [OR] LDR 200

PBW 111

Winter Courses

PBW 121

PBW 131