Thursday-Friday, May 1-2, 2008




Thursday, May 1, 2008


    2:30 p.m.     Academic Affairs Committee Meeting.  Board of Trustees Room, 602 Cohodas.



Friday, May 2, 2008


    8:00 a.m.     Finance Committee, Board of Trustees Room, 602 Cohodas.


    9:30 a.m.     Formal Session Called to Order.  Board of Trustees Room, 602 Cohodas.



    9:30 a.m.     1.         Individual Requests to Address the Board – Ms. Theresa Nease


    9:35 a.m.    2.          Moment of Silence in Memory of NMU Students – Mr. William Bernard


    9:40 a.m.     3.         FOCUS DISCUSSION


                                    9:40 a.m.   1)  Athletics Overview – Mr. Kenneth Godfrey


                        10:20 a.m. 2)  Overview of NMU’s Community College Role –

           President Les Wong and Provost Susan Koch



  11:00 a.m.     Formal Session Recessed.


  11:15 a.m.     Formal Session Reconvened.  Business Session.  Board of Trustees Room, 602 Cohodas.



  11:15 a.m.     4.         Commencement Speakers:

                                    Introduction of Graduating Student Commencement Speaker – Mr. Bernard

                                                Mr. Aaron Pairolero, Social Studies/Elementary Education Major


                                    Announcement of Commencement Speaker – President Les Wong

                        Mr. James Shaughnessy ’75, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Orbitz Worldwide, Inc., will be the May 2008 Commencement Speaker and will receive the Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters.



  11:25 a.m.     5.         ASNMU Report – Mr. Chris Storves and Mr. Hobie Webster



  11:30 a.m.     6.         President’s Report – President Wong

                                         a.    Additional Eligible Adult (AEA) Benefit

                                         b.    Non-Smoking Campus Update

                                         c.   Winter 2008/Fall 2008 Enrollment Updates

                                         d.    Roadmap to 2015 and Beyond



  11:50 a.m.     7.         Committee Reports:

                                         a.    Academic Affairs – Mr. Jon LaSalle

                                         b.    Finance – Dr. Douglas Roberts

                                         c.    Executive – Mr. Samuel Benedict



  12:05 p.m.    8.         Action on Formal Recommendations – Chair Lukens



  12:10 p.m.    9.         Announcement of Informal/Closed Session to be held in connection with the Thursday-Friday, July 17-18, 2008, Meeting of the Board – President Wong



  12:15 p.m.     Formal Session Adjourned.





*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 






Academic Affairs                  Finance                                   Executive


Jon G. LaSalle, Chair              Douglas B. Roberts, Chair      Samuel S. Benedict, Chair

Samuel S. Benedict                 Alan T. Ackerman                   Brian D. Cloyd

Brian D. Cloyd                       Stephen F. Adamini                Douglas B. Roberts

Gilbert L. Ziegler                    Brian D. Cloyd                       Mary C. Lukens, ex officio

Mary C. Lukens, ex officio     Mary C. Lukens, ex officio     Leslie E. Wong, ex officio

            Leslie E. Wong, ex officio      Leslie E. Wong, ex officio      Alan T. Ackerman, alternate