Thursday-Friday, August 5-6, 2004



Trustees' lodging will be at the Landmark Inn, 230 N. Front Street, Marquette (906-228-2580).



Thursday, August 5


  11:30 a.m.                  Regular Session Called to Order.  Sixth Floor Conference Room, 604 Cohodas. 


  11:30 a.m.      1.         Authorization to Hold Closed Session of the Board of Trustees in Conjunction with the Thursday-Friday, August 5-6, 2004 Board Meeting (SPECIAL ACTION ITEM ROLL-CALL VOTE) President Leslie Wong (Backup)


  11:35 a.m.     2.         Appointment of Ad Hoc Nominating Committee Chair Mary Campbell


  11:40 a.m.                  Regular Session Recessed. 


    1:00 p.m.                  Regular Session Reconvened.  Sixth Floor Conference Room, 604 Cohodas.


    1:00 p.m.     3.         Individual Requests to Address the Board Ms. Grundstrom


    1:05 p.m.     4.         FOCUS DISCUSSION: (Backup) President Wong, Dr. Joyal, Dr. Roy, Mr. Gavin Leach, Mr. Bill Bernard, Mr. Carl Holm, Mr. Eric Smith, Dr. Terry Seethoff, Dr. Sam Graci, Dr. Cam Howes, Dr. Paul Duby, Mr. John Weting


                                    a.         Budget Update

                                                1)         Tuition and Fees (Backup)

                                                2)         General Fund Operating Budget (Backup)

                                                            a)         Update on Public Broadcasting (Backup)

                                                            b)         Update on USOEC


                                    b.         Capital Projects Update - Housing, General Fund, and Other Projects

                                    c.         President's Council Retreat Report - A Curriculum for the 21st Century



Friday,  August 6


    8:00 a.m.                  Academic Affairs Committee Meeting and Breakfast.  Sixth Floor Conference Room, 604 Cohodas. (Backup) 


    9:00 a.m.                  Finance Committee Meeting.  Board of Trustees Room, 602 Cohodas. (Backup) (Backup)


  10:45 a.m.                  Regular Session Reconvened.  Board of Trustees Room, 602 Cohodas. 


  10:45 a.m.     5.         President's Report:  Focus on Enrollment -- President Wong (Backup)


  10:50 a.m.     6.         ASNMU Report Mr. Ryan Charter


  10:55 a.m.     7.         Report on Plans for Presidential Installation Provost Joyal (Backup)


  11:00 a.m.     8.         Committee Reports:

                                    a.         Academic Affairs Mr. Karl Weber

                                    b.         Finance Mr. Samuel Benedict

                                    c.         Executive Mr. Scott Holman


  11:15 a.m.     9.         Technology Update:  Wireless Access and Banner Implementation Mr. Gavin Leach (Backup)


  11:25 a.m.     10.       Update on NMU Web Site Mr. Brian Zinser, Mr. Tim Kutchen, Mr. Eric Johnson


  11:35 a.m.     11.       Announcement of Closed Session to be held in Connection with the Thursday-Friday, October 7-8, 2004, Regular Session of the Board President Wong


  11:40 a.m.     12.       Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule for Calendar Year 2005 (see Formal Recommendation F.1) Ms. Grundstrom (Backup)


  11:45 a.m.     13.       Action on Formal Recommendations Chair Campbell (Backup)


  11:50 a.m.                  Regular Session Adjourned. 



*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *




Academic Affairs                        Finance                                               Executive


Karl A. Weber, Chair                   Samuel S. Benedict, Chair                    Scott L. Holman, Chair

Alan T. Ackerman                         Scott L. Holman                                   Mary C. Lukens

Samuel S. Benedict                        Larry C. Inman                                    Karl A. Weber

Mary C. Lukens                            Douglas B. Roberts                              Mary L. Campbell, ex officio

Mary L. Campbell, ex officio         Mary L. Campbell, ex officio                Leslie E. Wong, ex officio

Leslie E. Wong, ex officio              Leslie E. Wong, ex officio                     Samuel S. Benedict, alternate