Documenting and Benchmarking the NMU Outcomes Assessment Process

  • Sheila Burns, Chair, Psychology
  • K.C. Holder, Education
  • Peter Holliday, Student Support Services
  • Jim Cantrill, Communication and Media Studies
  • Gary Stark, Business
  • Robyn Stille, NMU Foundation
  • Cindy Pohlman, Finance and Administration



Aligning Unit Mission Statements with a Revised University Mission Statement

Cynthia Prosen, Chair, Academic Affairs

Representation from each of the following areas:

   • Executive Management

   • Academic Cabinet

   • Finance and Budget Team

   • Directors of Student Services & Enrollment

   • Directors of Public Safety, NMU Foundation, Communications & Marketing,

     Human Resources, EEO, Athletics, USOEC, Risk Mgmt

   • Coordinators of Grants, Continuing Education, Heritage Museum


Benchmarking the Road Map to 2015

Terrance Seethoff, Arts and Sciences



  • Andy Poe, Math and Computer Science
  • Martha Haynes, NMU Foundation
  • Paul Lang, College of Professional Studies
  • Ann Sherman, Human Resources
  • Dave Maki, Admin Info Tech/Technical Services
  • Jill Leonard, Biology
  • Andrew Smentkowski, Grants and Research                                                 


Meaningful Lives

  • Mitch Klett, Education
  • William Bernard, Academic Affairs
  • Jim Gadzinski, ACAC
  • April Lindala, Center for Native American Studies
  • Mike Rotundo, Financial Aid
  • Felecia Flack, AdIT
  • Michael Broadway, Honors Program
  • Judy Puncochar, Education    


Campus Attributes

  • Art Gischia, Facilities
  • Darlene Walch, AIS
  • Eric Smith, Broadcasting and AV Services
  • John Anderton, Geography
  • Dan Truckey, Academic Affairs, Beaumier Museum
  • Michael Cinelli, Art and Design
  • Sam Graci, Business


Community Engagement

  • Dave Bonsall, Center for Student Engagement
  • Rachel Harris, Center for Student Engagement
  • Charles Ganzert, Communication and Media Studies
  • Brian Cherry, Political Science
  • Tawni Ferrarini, Economics
  • Suzanne Williams, Chemistry
  • Amy Clickner, Lake Superior Community Partnership
  • Mike Andary, Technology and Occupational Sciences
  • Tim Hilton, Sociology/Social Work
  • Cameron Hadley, Continuing Education


Enhancing the Campus Climate for Scholarship Committee

  • Jill Leonard, Chair, Biology
  • Brian Cherry, Political Science
  • John Ejnik, Chemistry
  • Mollie Freier, AIS/Library
  • Patty Hogan, Health and Human Performance
  • Susie Piziali, Biology
  • Peter Pless, Art and Design
  • Adam Prus, Psychology
  • Jim Schiffer, English
  •  Andrew Smentkowski, Grants and Research
  • Will Tireman, Physics
  • Chris Wagner, AIS


Northern Naturally:  A Greener NMU

  • Michael Broadway, Chair, Geography
  • Annette Brown, Business
  • April Lindala, Center for Native American Studies
  • Bob Holtzmann, Technology and Occupational Sciences
  • Brandon Sager, Facilities
  • Carl Pace, Facilities
  • Chris Storves, ASNMU student
  • Deanna Pozega, Engineering Technology
  • Doug Russell, Education
  • Jim Cantrill, Communication and Media Studies
  • Kevin Conlin, Housing
  • Mary Stunkard, Nursing
  • Michael Cinelli, Art and Design
  • Nathan Mileski Dining Services
  • Rachel Harris, Center for Student Enrichment
  • Cameron Hadley, Continuing Education


Improve and Expand Online Learning

  • Judy Puncochar, Chair, Education
  • Mitch Klett, Education
  • Suzanne Williams, Chemistry
  • Tawni Ferrarini, Economics
  • Bill Laffey, Admissions
  • Michael Strahan, AIS/Library
  • Candy Bays, English
  • Dale Kapla, Criminal Justice
  • Gary Stark, Business
  • Claudia Orr, Business
  • Mary Ellen Powers, Nursing
  • Kenneth Laverty, Undergraduate Student