Austin Niemi

Meet Austin Niemi, a Management major from Newberry, MI. Austin plans to graduate in 2023.

As a local resident of the U.P. I had always liked the Marquette area. After attending a campus visit, I decided that NMU was the place for me. I've enjoyed my time here so much in fact that I'm currently working on my 2nd degree from NMU.

I've always been a creative and passionate person. And after having a really great visit to the college of Art & Design here. I made the decision to pursue and eventually obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts. After graduating in May 2020, one of the most uncertain times to be leaving college, I made the decision to come back to NMU and pursue a degree in business. The decision was really driven by the need to find a way to focus all of my creative/chaotic energies on something that could put me on the path toward success.

Actually, as a result of my major, I've begun a relationship with a local-Marquette startup. I and a fellow student are currently working to get them funded and help them launch their business.

On-campus I'm an employee of Invent@NMU.

Off-campus I'm a member of the Michigan Army National Guard and I train at the local Muay Thai (an East-Asian style of kickboxing) Gym.

And recently the most rewarding thing I've done was traveling with my gym to Des Moine, Iowa this summer to compete in the Annual Thai Boxing Association Amateur National Championship, where I and 2 other fighters from my gym won the championship in our divisions. It was something that I've been working towards for the last 2 years. After having worked so hard, for so long, and having so much support from my team; to finally have all of that effort and support come to fruition in the form of a championship was a huge moment for me.

It really comes down to determination. College isn't easy, and when you come this far North the environment gets that much harsher. So, it's a double whammy when the classwork piles up and you also have to deal with some of the harshest winter weather you can imagine. To "be Northern" means to be so determined that even when faced with both you find a way to work through it all. And to work not only to find success but to also find a way to have fun amidst the maelstrom of winter weather and impending due dates.

There are great opportunities here if you're willing to work for them. Personally, I've built a lot of great relationships with both faculty members and my on-campus employers. As a result, I've had some opportunities come to me. None of this would have happened if I hadn't put in the effort to deserve it. Here at NMU, you can have an unparalleled level of interaction with your professors. It's up to you to determine what comes of those interactions.

I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.