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When asked, “What’s your favorite thing about NMU?” a lot of students answered, “the dome,” “the lake,” and more. What some students said, though, surprised me. If you’re considering attending NMU, or want to know more about campus, here’s a sneak peek at student favorites!

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“The Dome!” One student said. Northern Michigan University is home to the world’s largest wooden dome, which encompasses 5.1 acres under its roof. At 14 stories tall, the dome construction required 781 Douglas Fir beams and 108.5 miles of fir decking. The dome is featured in the “Book of World Records - 2010” as the fifth-largest dome structure in the world. The larger dome structures are made of other materials, leaving the Superior Dome the largest wooden dome. 

“The Forest Roberts Theater is my favorite thing about campus because I love being involved in theater. Every day I am always in the theater working toward another show, and it feels like home. I know it like the back of my hand. I’m very proud of our theater and the opportunities I have had while in the space,” one student responded. 

Other students love Jamrich Hall and the plants in the library, “I love the plants in the library because plants make me feel calm, I collect the plants, and they bring a sense of zen and peace to an environment. I’ve always thought Jamrich was nice because I always see my friends there. I can’t walk through without seeing at least one person I know.”

“My favorite spot is the second floor landing in Jamrich, it is cozy, and a great place to study.” One student said. Another student added, “I like all of the student corners around campus, but my personal favorite is the study lounge in the Art & Design building.”

The DeVos Art Museum is a spot on campus where art is displayed, both from professionals and students. “My favorite spot is the art museum! So many pieces, and exhibits change allowing students to see new stuff from time to time. It doesn’t get enough love.” One student said.

Some students are diehard hockey fans, “The Berry Events Center has been a huge part of my experience at NMU! I have lots of memories with friends (and even strangers) there, especially at hockey games! The hockey culture here is so fun to be a part of, and I’ve met some of my best friends in the Berry Events Center.”

Those who grew up in cities or toured other large campuses before choosing NMU find Northern’s campus very walkable, one student remarked.  “I’m from Portage, Michigan, 10 minutes away from Western Michigan University, and their campus is huge. Some classes can be 20-30 minutes apart if you’re using their shuttle system. I biked to my class about a mile from my apartment this morning and then biked to the PEIF afterward. I just love a small campus!”

Places like the tutoring and writing center hire students to help their peers. When asked why she loved the writing center, a student said, “I work there! I love the supportive and amazing environment we’ve created for students. It’s super important to let people know we’re a resource that should be utilized. Everyone here is super knowledgeable and always willing to help!”

The tunnel is a well-kept secret at Northern, but we want you to know where it is! It’s fabulous for walking between the library and The Science Building on cold—or hot—days. The doors to the tunnel are in the library downstairs, near Fieras and Sundre, past the archives office. Stay warm this winter by utilizing the tunnel! 

The dorms are a second home to a lot of students. “They are really cozy, and I love returning to the dorm. It feels just like home and I’ve got great neighbors! I love the events and how close my hall is to everything,” a student said. 

Marquette is a hub for active and outdoor-loving individuals. “I loved running along the bike path by the lake and going to the beach after summer classes.” Just minutes from Lake Superior, the biggest of the great lakes, Northern has many opportunities for adventure and outdoor enjoyment. 

Campus, especially the dorms, have outdoor areas that allow students to spend time together, eat lunch, or relax on a nice day. “I like the covered table outside the Lodge because it’s quiet and it’s a nice place to get outside after a busy day,” one student said. You’ll often see students hammocking in the trees on campus, walking the sidewalks, biking, or on blankets in the grass outside the dorms or the academic mall. 

“I grew up in Marquette.” One student said, “However, I love that coming to NMU still feels like I left home for college. I have met so many new people, more than I thought going to school in my hometown! I am close to home but still have the college experience.”

“I love the whole thing!” One student exclaimed.

“ I really enjoy sitting at Starbucks on campus. It is centrally located, but still offers a great atmosphere, an on campus coffee shop, which is great because I can go before or after class.” One student shared. 

One student stated, “I love the size of NMU. Small enough to know so many people and not be overwhelming, but have a lot of unique opportunities that larger universities have.” Another student added, “It is nice to meet so many new people, but at the same time, run into everyone I know!” 

“Cattrax is also really great!” Said one student.

These blurbs from students highlight just some of the wonderful things that we have here on campus. From study spots to campus vibes, there is so much to see and do here. Whether you are visiting for the first time or you have been here for a while, don’t be afraid to explore and discover what your favorite things are!


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Quotes gathered from several different students around Northern Michigan University.

Written and Compiled by Kate Hughes and Nick Jones.