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Kelsey Glover, an NMU student who speaks about her experience as a commuter student.  Kelsey discusses what opportunities are available for all Wildcat students!

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One of the most significant choices students face when entering college is deciding their living situation. Whether that be choosing to live on campus and deciding what hall suits you best or making the choice to commute from home. I can honestly say that this was a very difficult decision for me to make.

Being from Marquette and not living far from campus I made the choice to stay at home and save money. Initially I was nervous that I’d miss out. I knew that I wanted the full and authentic “college experience” that I dreamt about. This pushed me to put myself out there, step out of my comfort zone, and get involved. 

During my freshman year, I found that my life felt like an extension of high school. I lived in the same town, same house, and had the same friends. While I was excited to start my college career and was enjoying my academics, something was missing. At the time, I regretted not making the choice to live in the dorms. That is when I decided that I would no longer be a bystander in my own life.

I joined different student organizations that allowed me to be involved on campus and meet new people. I knew that I was passionate about helping others so I joined Superior Edge. Later on, I attended a study abroad trip to Greece with the Superior Edge group. I also joined the Student Leadership Fellowship Program and Platform Personalities club.These organizations, programs, and clubs introduced me to some of my closest friends and allowed me to stay involved both on-campus and off-campus.  

While it may be a bit uncomfortable at first, putting yourself out there is one of the best things you can do! Join a student organization or club that interests you. NMU has hobby-based, volunteer, special interest, and academic clubs/organizations. The options are endless and you are bound to find something that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Even if you attend alone at first, you will meet like-minded people and form great friendships. I would also recommend seeking an on-campus job if your schedule allows it. Working on campus provides the opportunity to create connections and remain involved even when living off campus. 

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Author: Kelsey Glover