Nichole Healy

Meet Nichole Healy, a Marketing major from Marquette, Mi. Nichole plans to graduate in 2023.

I decided to come to NMU because I am proud to be a Marquette local, and quite frankly, had not been tempted to leave. This town has so much beauty and character, and I continue to be grateful for all it has to offer.

During my gap years after high school, I was working full time at Target. I worked my way up to a position where I was responsible for visual merchandising, managing, and monitoring sales in a specific section. When deciding my major, I found that the components of this position that I found the most enjoyable and rewarding, aligned with marketing.

Part of the marketing program that I have found to be enjoyable and impactful is a group project I am currently working on. This semester I am working with a group of peers to develop a digital marketing plan for a local business. Though our research and plan development is not complete, I am proud of the work we have done so far and have found the process to be especially fulfilling.

My on-campus involvement has been limited mostly to completion of courses. In May 2022 I was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, the international business honor society, based on my academic achievement. Off-campus I work as a server and bartender at the Holiday Inn. In my position, I get to connect with a wide range of people, which has helped to shift the direction I intend to take in terms of my career. I plan to earn my real estate license following graduation and continue working in hospitality as I build a clientele.

"Be Northern" could mean many things. When I think of this university, I think of people coming together from all over with one thing in common, a love of nature. To "be Northern," in my opinion, is to be an adventurous, determined, and well-rounded individual.

You will not be disappointed. Although I cannot speak on the experience you may have at another university, the connections you will make and opportunities you may come across at NMU will most-definitely be worthwhile.

My experience at NMU was better than I could have ever imagined. I have great respect for the faculty and staff that make this university great. It will forever hold a place in my heart.