Man smiling on top of hill

Meet Patrick Myers, a Mobile and Web App Development and Art and Design major, from Lake Linden, MI. He plans to graduate in 2023.

On my first visit to campus, I totally fell in love with Northern and Marquette. I remember walking through campus and feeling such a strong sense of community. With every interaction I had, I got to witness Northern's friendly culture and I couldn't wait to be a part of it. As I continued to explore NMU, I realized that I didn't want to go anywhere else. Northern felt like home from the very start.  

I was drawn to the Mobile and Web App Development major because I was looking to develop a strong theoretical computer science base, but I also wanted to take more classes that focused on hands-on coding experience. Also, the classes in the major put a large emphasis on teamwork and working with peers, which has allowed me to gain real-world experience as a student developer. 

On the first day of one of my Computer Science classes, I was put on a team called "Four Super Dire Computers". Throughout the whole semester, we got together a few times a week to work on our semester-long software project. At the end of the semester, we got to demo our project to our class and professor. It was a really incredible experience because it was very similar to the type of work I would like to do after I graduate. It was an experience that I feel was truly unique to NMU's computer science program. 

I am currently the Resident Advisor of Atlantis House in Birch Hall. As the RA of one of the newest houses on campus, myself and my residents have been able to form new traditions that students will take part in for decades to come. As a house, we have been able to contribute to the campus community that NMU is so famous for, and doing so has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career. 

If I were talking to someone that is considering coming to NMU, I would like to tell them all about the culture of clean air and friendly people that is so deeply engrained within Northern. NMU is a truly unique place that people have to see and experience to believe. 

Northern Michigan University is an incredible place, and it has allowed me to have the most rewarding and unique college experiences I could have ever imagined. 

I think "being Northern" is all about embracing the outdoor, student lifestyle that comes with NMU. Living in Marquette and being so close to nature affords students with a lifestyle of spontaneous adventures. Only at Northern could I watch a sunrise at the beach, hike up a mountain, and go get coffee all before my classes have even started for the day. It's an incredible experience that I truly believe students can only find at Northern Michigan University.