Northern Michigan University grants advanced placement credit through three national testing programs, CLEP (College Level Examination Program), AP Examination (Advanced Placement Program of the College Examination Program), International Baccalaureate and through academic departmental recommendation based upon previous work or educational experiences.

When students receive advanced placement credit, the course title and credit is recorded on the transcript. No letter grades are given, the courses are not computed in the student’s GPA, but they do count as credits earned toward the degree. Students may not be awarded advanced placement credit for a course which they have previously completed. If a student enrolls in and completes a course after being awarded advanced placement credit for that course, the advanced placement credit will be removed from the student's record.

Advanced Placement via College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

NMU considers college composition with essay, humanities, social sciences and history and natural sciences as freshman examinations. Credit earned through the freshman examinations may be applied toward the general education program requirements only. Students with more than 27 college semester credit hours are ineligible to receive credit at NMU through CLEP freshman examinations. Other examinations measure achievement in ­ specific college courses. Students may not earn credit for CLEP subject examinations if the student has credit in the course, was previously or currently enrolled in the course, or has credit in a higher level course. The determination of a higher level course is the decision of the department head who may approve the examination in writing. Students who have taken CLEP examinations should request that a copy of their test scores be sent to NMU. Credit will be awarded if the test is accepted by the university and the minimum score has been earned. CLEP scores are only accepted from national testing centers. The CLEP code for Northern Michigan University is 1560.


Advanced Placement via AP Examination

AP® is a College Board program. Courses and exams are offered by participating high schools. NMU grants credits for specific NMU courses based on satisfactory scores on the examinations. Students should specify that their scores be sent to Northern Michigan University. Transfer students who have taken AP®  exams should request that a copy of their test scores be sent to NMU. Credit will be awarded if the test is accepted by the university and the minimum score has been earned.


Advanced Placement via International Baccalaureate

Northern Michigan University recognizes the academic rigor of students participating in the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum at their high school. At NMU, credit is available for students who score at least a “5” on the Higher Level Examinations.

Subject areas will be reviewed by the appropriate academic departments. Some equivalents have been established. Students are encouraged to submit their official IB results to NMU as soon as they are available so other equivalents can be established. Students who have participated in an IB curriculum are also encouraged to apply to the Honors Program at NMU.


Advanced Placement via Department Evaluation

Academic departments at Northern Michigan University may recommend that advanced placement credit be awarded to ­ currently enrolled students in degree-granting programs based on their life experience or educational achievements from nontraditional sources. The evaluation measurement for the recommendation is determined within the department and may ­ consist of a comprehensive examination, portfolio review, demonstration of a level of competency in a skill area, or documented verifiable life experiences.

The following regulations apply to departmental recommended advanced placement credit:

  1. Departments may choose not to recommend advanced placement credit for any or all of their courses.
  2. Departments may not award advanced placement credit for special topics or directed studies courses.
  3. Students must meet course prerequisites before departmental advanced placement credit is awarded.
  4. Students may not receive departmental advanced placement credit below the level of a course for which the student already has credit or in which the student is currently enrolled unless approval in writing is obtained through the department head or appropriate departmental committee.
  5. Once a student has enrolled at Northern Michigan University, credit via departmental advanced placement from another college or university will not be accepted unless approved in advance by NMU.