Develops quality repair and service technicians for the transportation industries. The automotive service certificate prepares students for positions in automotive servicing, parts sales, and service.

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Total Credits Required 48
Technical Foundation* 24
AUT 100 Automotive Fundamentals and Technician Safety ** 2
AUT 110 Powertrain Fundamentals 2
AUT 140 Steering and Suspension Fundamentals 2
AUT 150 Automotive Brake Fundamentals 2
AUT 164 Engine Repair 4
AUT 166 Manual Drive Trains and Axles 4
AUT 170 Electrical/Electronic Systems I 4
AUT 272 Electrical/Electronic Systems II 4

Choose one pathway from the following:
Pathway 1  
Automotive Technician* 24
Includes completion of technical foundation and all AUT courses listed below for employment in the automotive technician pathway.
AUT 230 Heating and Air Conditioning 4
AUT 240 Advanced Steering Suspension and Alignment 2
AUT 250 Advanced Automotive Braking 2
AUT 260 Automatic Transmission and Transaxle 4
AUT 262 Engine Performance I 4
AUT 264 Engine Performance II 4
AUT 268 Automotive Service Repair or 4
     AUT 291 Automotive Service Repair Internship (4 cr.)
Pathway 2  
Mobile Equipment Technician* 24
This pathway requires all courses listed under the technical foundation plus an approved combination of AUT courses listed in pathway 1 and specialty courses listed below.
Specialty courses not listed below may be considered at the discretion of faculty.
Course selection determined by faculty, student, and industry representative resulting in specific training for outcomes not attainable by another established automotive major.

Required Course 4
AUT 291 Automotive Service Repair Internship or 4
     AUT 268 Automotive Service Repair (4 cr.)
Specialty Courses 20
IM 105 Applied Technical Mathematics 4
IM 115 Basic Electricity for Industrial Technicians 2
IM 125 Introduction to OSHA 3
IM 147 Rigging and Hoisting 2
IT 180 Introduction to Fluid Power 3
WD 140 Introduction to Welding 3
AUT 295 Special Topics 4

*Students must have a minimum grade of “C” and a grade point average of 2.25 for all technical concentration courses.

** AUT 100 is a prerequisite for all AUT courses and may be taken concurrently with other 100 level AUT courses.