This concentration provides a foundation for introductory positions of employment in museums, zoos, universities and state and ­ federal agencies involved in fish, wildlife and other natural resource use. It is an appropriate program for pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, and pre-veterinary science students. It also provides a solid background for students who wish to pursue graduate studies in special areas of zoology.

A 2.00 grade point average is required for all biology courses taken in the department. Exceptions must be requested via petition to the department’s academic programs committee.

For department information or additional degree requirements, go to the Biology department page.

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Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Biology Core 24
Other Required Courses 19-20
See Biology Major for complete list of required courses.

Zoology Concentration 27-29
Core Courses for Zoology Concentration 13
BI 327 Animal Physiology or 4
     BI 406 Advanced Cell Biology (4 cr.)  
Any Chemistry Course 200 Level or Above 4
PH 202 College Physics II [SCII] or 5
     PH 221 Introductory Physics II (5 cr.) [SCII]  
Electives for Zoology Concentration 14-16
Choose one course from the following: 3-4
BI 324 Invertebrate Zoology (4 cr.)  
BI 423 Parasitology (3 cr.)  
BI 424 Entomology (4 cr.)  
BI 465 Aquatic Insect Ecology (4 cr.)  
Choose one course from the following: 3-4
BI 322 Vertebrate Zoology (4 cr.)  
BI 460 Ichthyology (4 cr.)  
BI 461 Herpetology (4 cr.)  
BI 462 Ornithology (4 cr.)  
BI 463 Mammalogy (4 cr.)  
Choose one course from the following: 4
BI 221 Comparative Anatomy (4 cr.)  
BI 321 Embryology (4 cr.)  
BI 426 Human Histology (4 cr.)  
BI 427 Ecological Animal Physiology (4 cr.)  
Choose one course from the following: 4
Any Biology Course Above BI 220 (4 cr.)  

This major does not require a minor.