This major combines courses in practical programming, computer architecture, networking and algorithm design/analysis with an appropriate background in mathematics and theory of computing. Included are classes covering the latest technologies such as mobile devices, internet applications and robotics. This major provides the foundation for a rewarding and productive career in industry as well as strong preparation for graduate school.

All non-teaching majors and minors offered by the department require a 2.00 or higher overall grade point average in required courses and a grade of “C” or better in each required course.

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Total Credits Required 122
General Education
Required Courses in Major 40
CS 120 Computer Science I [QUAR] 4
CS 122 Computer Science II 4
CS 201 Programming in C++ 3
CS 222 Data Structures 4
CS 228 Network Programming 3
CS 322 Principles of Programming Languages 4
CS 326 Object-Oriented Design 3
CS 330 Microcomputer Architecture 4
CS 422 Algorithms Design and Analysis 3
CS 426 Operating Systems 4
CS 480 Senior Project in Computer Science 4

Other Required Courses 30-31
Mathematics 18-19
MA 161 Calculus I [QUAR] 4
MA 163 Calculus II 4
MA 211 Linear Algebra 3
MA 240 Discrete Mathematics 4
MA courses 265+ except MA 271, MA 331, MA 484 and MA courses with middle digit “5” 3-4
Computer Information Systems, Computer Science and Mathematics Electives 12
Choose from the following:
CIS 464 Database Management Systems (4 cr.)
CS courses numbered 300 or higher, excluding those with middle digit “5”, and those courses required in the major.  
MA courses 265+, except MA 271, MA 331, MA 484 and MA courses with middle digit “5”, and those courses counted under "Other Required Courses - Mathematics".  
Minor 16

*Mathematics may be declared as a minor and courses under Other Required Courses may count toward that minor.