This section lists descriptions for all university courses. Search for courses many different ways, or view an alphabetical list of all courses by prefix (the two- or three-letter topic abbreviation). These descriptions include any prerequisites (requirements students must satisfy before registering for the course), co-requisites (requirements students must satisfy while taking the course), the amount of credit hours applied for each course, and, where relevant, the hours devoted to lecture, discussion and laboratory (see applicable department sections for the total credits required for each major or program). If no indication exists for lecture, discussion and laboratory hours, then the course is considered a lecture. Courses that meet particular liberal studies requirements are also noted.

The courses listed here are subject to change. Many courses are regularly offered in the fall, while others are offered in the winter or summer. However, semester enrollment, course demand, changes in faculty and other factors will sometimes affect the offering of courses. In addition, new courses may have been added, and changes in existing courses may have occurred since the posting of this bulletin. Refer to the course offerings section of for current course offerings and to register for particular courses.

When planning a semester program, students should contact the applicable departments for information regarding course offerings.

Some of the upper-level courses listed here can also apply toward graduate credit. See the Northern Michigan University Graduate Bulletin or contact the College of Graduate Studies for more information.

Use the menu on the left to read about particular courses that meet the general education and graduation requirements. The course worksheet allows you to mark courses you’re interested in taking and create a list you can use when meeting with your adviser and registering for courses on