The Environmental Studies and Sustainability (ENSS) major at NMU trains and educates students to observe, measure, and influence how people interact with Earth’s natural and cultural environments. This produces knowledge that is helpful in understanding our changing world and ensures its sustainability through the implementation of holistic solutions. Students will learn about sustainable food systems, energy, water resources, demographic changes, culture, and the built environment.

As a requirement for graduation, all Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences Department majors must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.25 for all courses constituting the major curriculum. Exceptions must be requested via petition to the department's appeal committee. 

For department information or additional degree requirements, go to the Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences department page.

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Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Required Courses in Major 58
Core Courses 50
GC 100 Physical Geography [SCII] 4
GC 101 Introduction to Environmental Science [INTT] 4
GC 164 Human Geography [SOCR] 4
GC 205 Introduction to Geographic Research 4
GC 220 Economic Geography 4
GC 225 Introduction to Maps 2
GC 235 Quantitative Methods 4
GC 269 Introduction to Sustainability 4
GC 310 Urban Geography 4
GC 320 Environmental Policy and Regulation 4
GC 335 Geographic Information Systems 4
GC 360 Population Geography 4
GC 489 Human-Environment Capstone 4
Choose 8 credits from the following: 8
         AN 210 Ecological Anthropology: People, Culture and Nature (4 cr.)
         AN 320 Native Peoples of North America (4 cr.)
         EC 345 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (4 cr.)
         EC 425 International Economics (4 cr.)
         EC 460 Economic Development (4 cr.)
         GC 202 Soils (4 cr.)
         GC 210 Earth Hazards (4 cr.) [SCII]
         GC 285 Earth’s Climate: Past, Present, and Future (4 cr.)
         GC 300 Regional Studies: World Cultures (4 cr.) [SOCR] or
                Study Abroad (4 cr.)*
         GC 303 Practicing Geography (4 cr.)
         GC 316 Geography of Tourism (4 cr.)
         GC 317 Geography of Food Systems (4 cr.)
         GC 342 Energy and the Environment (4 cr.)
         GC 362 Wetlands (4 cr.)
         GC 424 Environmental Justice (4 cr.)
         GC 431 Landscape Dynamics and Analysis (4 cr.)
         GC/GN 444 Gender and Environment (4 cr.)
         GC 470 Environmental Ethics (4 cr.)
         GC 475 Environmental Impact Assessment (4 cr.)
         GC 491 Internship (2 - 6 cr.)
         NAS 340 Kinomaage: Earth Shows Us the Way (4 cr.)
         NAS 342 Indigenous Environmental Movements (4 cr.) [INTT]
         PS 206 International Relations (4 cr.)
         PS 415 Politics of American Foreign Policy (4 cr.)
         SO 351 Social Change (4 cr.) [PERS]
         SP 432 Environmental Communication (4 cr.)
*Study abroad may be substituted for GC 300 with advisor approval. This major does not require a minor.