Students who minor in Environmental Studies at NMU are trained and educated to observe, measure and influence how people interact with Earth’s natural and cultural environments. Such observations and measurements yield knowledge that will help us to better understand our changing world and to ensure its sustainability through the implementation of holistic solutions. This environmental awareness subsequently improves the performance of business, planning, law, management, education, communication, public affairs, and other professions as they deal with environmental challenges.

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Total Credits Required 20
GC 100 Physical Geography [SCII] 4
GC 101 Introduction to Environmental Science [INTT] 4
GC 320 Environmental Policy and Regulation 4
Electives 8
Choose two courses from the following:
     GC 202 Soils (4 cr.)  
     GC 210 Earth Hazards (4 cr.) [SCII]  
     GC 285 Earth’s Climate: Past, Present, and Future (4 cr.)  
     GC 401 Biogeography (4 cr.)  
     GC 424 Environmental Justice (4 cr.)  
     GC 431 Landscape Dynamics and Analysis (4 cr.)  
     GC/GN 444 Gender and Environment (4 cr.)  
     GC 465 Hydrology (4 cr.)  
     GC 470 Environmental Ethics (4 cr.)  
     GC 475 Environmental Impact Assessment (4 cr.)