A specific course of study is not required for this program. Students who participate in the Honors Program will declare a major in an academic department. Students may earn one of the following honors designations: Lower Division Honors, Lower Division Honors with World Language Studies, Upper Division Honors, Upper Division Honors with World Language Studies, Full Honors, and Full Honors with World Language Studies.


For department information or additional degree requirements, go to the Honors Program department page.

Total Credits Required 34
Total Credits Required for Designation 34-41

Required Courses 16
HON 101 Origins of Western Values-Antiquity [PERS] 4
HON 111 Fine Art: Modern Sources [HUME] or 4
HON 201 Origins of Western Values - Medieval to Modern [PERS] 4
HON 211 The Social Sciences [INTT] 4
Required 300 and 400 Level Electives 12
Choose from the following in any combination:
HON 301 World Cultures: A Humanities Perspective [SOCR] 4
HON 302 World Cultures: Social Sciences [SOCR] 4
HON 495 Special Topics 2 - 4
Honors Contract Courses* 1-12

Other Requirements 6-13
MA 115 Precalculus [QUAR] or equivalent 4
Capstone Experience** 2-4
World Language Course or Equivalent (V)*** 4

*Students must obtain a “B” (3.00) or better to receive the “H” designation for honors contract courses.

**See Honors advisor for details.

***World Language Course requirement can be met by completing any 4 credit, non-English language course or equivalent.