General Education - Mathematics Competency University Requirement (MATH)

Students may satisfy this requirement in one of three ways:

  1. Earning a "C" (2.0) in MA 101 or higher level math course (excluding middle digit 5 courses); or
  2. Earning a "C" (2.0) in quantitatively-oriented courses as approved by the Mathematics and Computer Science Department; or
  3. Successfully completing one of the following:

    a. CLEP Calculus or Precalculus score of 50 or greater;

    b. CLEP College Algebra or Mathematics score of 63 or greater;

    c. AP Calculus (AB or BC) score of 3 or greater;

    d. IB Mathematics Studies or Mathematics (SL or HL) score of 5 or greater;

    e. ACT mathematics score of 25 or greater;

    f. SAT Mathematics score of 600 or greater;

    g. SAT subject test in Mathematics (Level 1 or 2) score of 650 or greater;

    h. Proctored Math Placement Exam placement into MA 111, MA 115, MA 161, or MA 163; or

    i. Successful completion of the math portion of the Professional Readiness Exam taken by education majors.


Below are the approved list of courses that may be applied toward the Mathematics Competency University Requirement as outlined above:

Transfer courses designated as MA 1001 will also count toward the Mathematics Competency University Requirement.

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