This major is designed to offer students an education in the important world of mobile and web application programming. The course of study emphasizes programming skills, including for the web, iOS, and Android platforms. Students will learn the fundamentals of computer science while focusing on aspects important to network computing.

All non-teaching majors and minors offered by the department require a 2.00 or higher overall grade point average in required courses and a grade of “C” or better in each required course.

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Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Required Courses in Major 48
Network Computing Core 22
CS 120 Computer Science I [QUAR] 4
CS 122 Computer Science II 4
CS 201 Programming in C++ 3
CS 222 Data Structures 4
CS 326 Object-Oriented Design 3
CS 480 Senior Project in Computer Science 4
Mobile and Web Apps Development Core 18
CS 228 Network Programming 3
CS 344 iOS / iPhone Programming 4
CS 345 Android Programming 4
CS 365 Client-Side Web Programming 4
CS 465 Server-Side Web Programming 3
Computer Science, Mathematics, Computer Information Systems and Art and Design Electives 8
Choose 8 credits from the following: 8
CS courses 300+ and MA courses 265+ except MA 271, MA 331, MA 484 and MA courses with middle digit “5”
AD 234 Computer Art: Motion (4 cr.)
AD 334A Computer Art: Integration (4 cr.)
AD 434A Computer Art: Advanced Studio (4 cr.)
CIS 336 Network Operating Systems (4 cr.)
CIS 351 User Interface Design (4 cr.)
CIS 355 Web Applications Programming (4 cr.)
CIS 464 Database Management Systems (4 cr.)
Other Required Course 4
DATA 109 Introduction to Statistics [QUAR] 4
Minor 16