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Total Credits Required 60
General Education 32
EN 111 College Composition I [EFFC] 4
EN 211 College Composition II [EFFC] 4
Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis Elective (QUAR) 4*
Social Responsibility in a Diverse World Elective (SOCR) 4*
Integrative Thinking Elective (INTT) 4*
Human Expression Elective (HUME) 4*
Perspectives on Society Elective (PERS) 4*
Scientific Inquiry Elective (SCII) 4*

Required Native American Studies Courses 24
NAS 101 Anishinaabe Language, Culture and Community I [HUME] 4
NAS 204 Native American Experience [SOCR] 4
NAS 212 Michigan & Wisconsin Tribal Relations [SOCR] 4
NAS 310 Tribal Law and Government 4
NAS 315 History of Indian Boarding School Education [INTT] 4
NAS 320 American Indians: Identity and Media Images [INTT] 4

Required Social Work Courses 20
SW 100 Exploring Social Work 4
SO 208 Methods of Social Research I [QUAR] 4
SW 230 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I 4
SW 272 Basic Crisis Intervention Skills [EFFC] 4
SW 341 Social Welfare Policy 4

Other Required Course 4
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychological Science [SCII] 4

General Elective 4
SO 101 Introductory Sociology [PERS] (suggested option) 4

*These General Education course requirements can be double counted and satisfied with required courses in the major.