This major prepares students for technical or research positions in government or private industry, or for graduate study. Physics courses explain and describe physical interactions by utilizing conservation laws and the concepts of force and energy.

A grade of “C” or better must be earned in all physics courses that apply to the major in physics.

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Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Required Courses in Major 35
PH 220 Introductory Physics I [SCII] 5
PH 221 Introductory Physics II [SCII] 5
PH 322 Modern Physics 4
PH 375 Analytical Mechanics or 3
     PH 380 Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism (3 cr.)
PH 480 Senior Physics Seminar 1 - 2
PH 485 Graduate Assessments for Physics Majors 0
Physics Electives 17
PH 370, PH 375, PH 380, PH 393, and PH 410 are strongly recommended
Other Required Courses 10
CH 111 General Chemistry I [SCII] 5
CH 112 General Chemistry II 5
Minor 16
Mathematics minor recommended.