The Plant-Based Wellness Minor focuses on the development of skills needed for careers in the quickly growing plant-based wellness industry including retail and frontline services. Students develop the competencies needed to interact with and lawfully instruct others about plant-based wellness and how plants and plant-based products can impact systems in the human body. Historical elements of integrating plants into wellness, the foundational knowledge needed to pursue plant-based wellness careers, and regulatory compliance and established practices for remaining compliant are emphasized. 

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Total Credits Required 16
Required Courses 16
PBW 101 Applied Natural Wellness Retail; or 4
     LDR 200 Ethical Leadership in the Workplace (4 cr.)*  
PBW 111 Fundamentals of Natural Wellness  4
PBW 121 Wellness Plants: Uses and Effects  4
PBW 131 Plant Wellness Customer Service  4

This minor requires a "C" or higher in each class. 

*For students who have previously completed PBW 101 as part of another certificate.