Advising for students interested in the pre-optometry program is done by Dr. Erich Ottem, Biology Department, 906-227-1072; email:

Pre-optometry students who are residents of Michigan normally plan an academic program of three or more years to meet requirements for admission to the College of Optometry at Ferris State University. Those requirements can be completed at Northern Michigan University, specifically courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, psychology, behavioral science, English and humanities. Pre-professional course requirements for the other American optometry schools can also be completed at NMU.

Students are encouraged to complete a bachelor’s degree at Northern by pursuing a regular major in fields related to optometry, such as biochemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry or psychology.

For department information or additional degree requirements, go to the Pre-Professional Programs department page.

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Total Credits Required 0

An introductory management course (MGT 240 Organizational Behavior and Management, 4 cr.) or accounting course (ACT 201 Practical Accounting Procedures, 4 cr., or ACT 230 Principles of Accounting, 4 cr.) is highly recommended but not required. The recommended courses are solely designed for completion of the pre-optometry requirements of the Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University. Course application to other programs may vary.

*Ferris State University's humanities requirements include courses in art, science, drama, foreign language, history, literature, music, philosophy, and theology.

**The behavioral science requirement at Ferris State University includes courses in anthropology, economics, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology.