BI 105 Student Success In (Specific Course Title) 1 cr.  (0-1-0)
  • Offered: Fall Winter
  • Co-requisites: Students must be concurrently enrolled in the relevant course for the offering. Enrollment is determined either by advising or through Instructor.
  • Bulletin Year: 2023 - 2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Students will be guided by the instructor as they work through course material from a specific biology course in which they are concurrently enrolled. This immersive approach will require the students to work together in a small group setting to engage with content material, without providing the additional lectures. This course strives to empower students with skills for academic success in college level biology courses. The goal of this course is to give the students weekly additional resources supporting success in the classroom and encourage development as a self-directed learner.


Linked to BI 111, BI 207 and BI 208; other linkages may also be offered.