RE 357 Teaching and Guiding of Canoeing 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: Contact department for information
  • Prerequisites: Instructor’s permission, RE 262, minimum certification in first aid/CPR, WFR/WFA preferred. Successful completion of a swimming test administered in conjunction with the class.
  • Bulletin Year: 2021 - 2022 Undergraduate Bulletin

Covers tandem and solo strokes, techniques, and maneuvers, and the basics of flat and moving water canoeing. Development of canoe-specific trip planning, safety, rescue, navigation, camping, judgement, decision making, and other water related skills needed to safely lead and teach day trips and multi-day canoeing experiences. The course is conducted in the field at various flat and moving water canoeing sites and includes an multi-day field experience.