Withdrawal for Non-Attendance

At the discretion of individual departments and/or instructors, students who have not attended through the first four days of the semester (or its equivalent) of a class and who have failed to contact the instructor may be dropped from the class roster. Since this is an optional action on the part of departments, students who wish to drop a class should do so themselves.

Complete Withdrawal from the University

Students who decide to leave the university without finishing the semester for which they are currently enrolled must ­ complete a Notice of Withdrawal form at the Dean of Students Office. Following the proper withdrawal procedures ensures (1) that the maximum allowable proportion of fees due the student will be refunded, (2) that the appropriate grades will be recorded on the student’s transcript, and (3) that the individual’s records will be properly maintained in the event of future enrollment at NMU or transfer to another university or college.

Students who withdraw from the university after 5 p.m. of the 10th week of classes will not receive “W” grades. They will receive the grades they earn.