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Equal Opportunity Policies and Procedures

Members of the University Community:

We are committed to providing an educational and work environment that is free from illegal discrimination and Prohibited Conduct (collectively referred to as relationship violence (dating violence/domestic violence), sexual misconduct (sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and sexual or gender-based harassment), and stalking.)  NMU's vision includes a commitment to be an inclusive community where differences are recognized as assets of the institution, respected attributes of the person and a valuable part of the University experience.

While reading the policies below, consider the contribution that you make in creating a productive and collaborative educational and work environment.

  • Non-Discrimination Policy and Discrimination/Complaint Procedures, (https://nmu.edu/policies/649)
  • Relationship Violence, Sexual Misconduct and Stalking Policy (https://nmu.edu/policies/1314)
  • Consensual Relationship Policy (https://nmu.edu/policies/649)
  • ADA/Section 504 Non-Discrimination (https://nmu.edu/policies/1261)

If you have any questions or have difficulty viewing any of the policies, please call the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Offices at  227-2420.

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