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Illuminating Ideas IF Workshops

SISU: The Innovation Institute is hosting the last Virtual Innovation Funding Workshops! 

What "IF" Recap:

This year's process is moving from Program Incentive Funding (PIF) to Innovation Funding (IF). Innovation Funding (IF) is about engaging ideas at all phases of the design thinking process, whether it is a tiny seed that needs to be explored, a brand new idea that’s ready to be built out, or an existing service/program that needs to be reimagined. This process is about embracing the “What IF” of innovation. 

The SISU IF Awards are designed to collect ideas from all across our campus and community to illuminate new programs, interdisciplinary projects and opportunity, and transformational efforts that embody the University’s strategic plan, mission, vision, and core values.

How is IF organized? 

The Innovation Fund is broken down into three categories that include the following: Discovery Funding Exploration into new opportunities. Re-Innovation Funding Redirection or reimagining of existing programs or services. Implementation Funding Ideas that are ready to take to scale.

Submitting a proposal? 

The project team or at least one member must participate in a hybrid workshop of Intro to Design Thinking and Innovation Funding. Any questions you may have will be answered during the workshop where the entire submission process, scoring rubrics, and funded idea requirements will be gone over in detail.

Need to join a virtual workshop? 

There will be four 60 minute workshops during the week of Dec 12th. The dates and times are:

Tuesday, Dec 13th at 3:30pm

Wednesday, Dec 14th at 9 am and 2pm 

Thursday, Dec 15th at 3:30pm 

Read to sign up? 

Please email sisu@ for the Zoom details!




Tuesday, Dec 13, 2022

Start Time:  3:30 pm
End Time:  4:30 pm

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