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Illuminating Ideas Innovation Funding Workshop

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Join SISU: The Innovation Institute for a virtual Innovation Funding Workshop 

The SISU IF Awards are designed to collect ideas from all across our campus and community to illuminate new programs, interdisciplinary projects and opportunity, and transformational efforts that embody the University’s strategic plan, mission, vision, and core values.

Any questions you may have about submitting a proposal will be answered during the workshop where the entire submission process, scoring rubrics, and funded idea requirements will be gone over in detail.

Please email sisu@nmu.edu to sign up for one of the workshops and specific Zoom details!

Dec. 13th at 3:30pm

Dec 14th at 9am or 2pm

Dec 15th at 3:30pm


December 12, 2022


Primary Contact

Carolyn Robertson

Contact Phone Number

(906) 227-2050

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