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Illuminating Ideas ~ Innovation Funding Workshops

SISU: The Innovation Institute at NMU is an internal hub for innovation and transformational education encouraging the cultivation of ideas leading to relevant and sustainable university services and academic programs. As an internal hub for innovation, SISU provides a welcoming and inclusive space for members of the NMU community to bring or generate, collaborate, and develop ideas for programs and services.

SISU uses a design thinking framework to gain insights, and refine ideas. It serves as a home for experimental academic programs and services.

This year: Taking “PIF to IF”  The original idea behind the Program Incentive Funding (PIF) was very much about implementing new programs specifically. The new process of  Innovation Funding (IF) is about engaging ideas at all phases of the process, whether it is a tiny seed that needs to be explored, a brand new idea that’s ready to be built out, or an existing service/program that needs to be reimagined. This process is much more about embracing the “What IF” of innovation.

With the IF cycle, everyone is offered a seat at the table. SISU will intake ideas from not just faculty and staff, but students and community members as well. 

Before a proposal is to move into the next stage of innovation, the project team must participate or have participated in an Intro to Design Thinking workshop and a Funding Workshop.

SISU is offering Funding Workshops on the following days.  

Monday, Oct 31, 2022

Wednesday, Nov 2, 2022

Start Time:  8:00 am
End Time:  9:40 am

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Harden Hall



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Carolyn Robertson

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