Let's Talk About Books at NMU

Let's Talk About Books at NMU Webinar

The Northern Michigan University English department head and professor, Lynn Domina, has a new episode of her webinar "Let's Talk About Books at NMU" scheduled for Feb. 18th at 1pm.

This webinar will introduce Dr. Gail Okawa's 18-year book project "Remembering Our Grandfathers' Exile: US Imprisonment of Hawai`i’s Japanese in World War II". The presentation will share her stories of what happened to hundreds of Japanese immigrants arrested after the Pearl Harbor attack and exiled from the Hawaiian Islands to mainland camps in Texas and New Mexico, as well as Wisconsin, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Montana.

Friday, Feb 18, 2022

Start Time:  1:00 pm
End Time:  3:00 pm

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