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Medicinal Plant Chemistry Seminar Series

Medicinal Asteraceae of North America: An Ethnopharmacological Approach

Presented by Dr. Cory Harris - University of Ottawa

Bio - Dr. Harris' research combines laboratory, field, and community-based approaches to study the roles of plants in human and ecological health. His research explores the ethnobotany, chemistry, and bioactivity of plants with a current emphasis on native Canadian species used for food and medicine. Together with Inuit and First Nations communities as well as the private and public sectors, some of the ongoing projects include: health benefits (and risks) of wild plant foods, the antidiabetic and neuroprotective potential of berries, the chemical ecology of coneflower alkylamides, and the ethical and evidence-based use of alternative medicines by mainstream healthcare providers.


Wednesday, Mar 27, 2024

Start Time:  5:00 pm
End Time:  6:00 pm

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The Science Building



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The Medicinal Plant Chemistry

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Patty Heslip

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