Degree Seeking Students

  1. Application:  Submit a completed Application for Admission to the College of Graduate Studies. This application is for students who wish to pursue an advanced degree in one of our graduate level programs.
  2. Application Fee: Submit the $50 application fee.  Students may pay online, mail a check or money order or can pay by credit card by calling 1-800-682-9797 or 1-906-227-1221. Applicants should pay the non-refundable application processing fee unless 1) they qualify for the senior citizen tuition waiver (age 62 or older); 2) they have already attended NMU at the same degree level for which they are applying (i.e., students pay once before the receipt of a baccalaureate degree and once after, if continuing), 3) they were a McNair Scholar and provide a letter from their undergraduate institution verifying their McNair status. A waiver of the fee may be available to any applicant whose financial circumstances warrant it. To apply for a fee waiver, please provide a letter of request and reason to
  3. Official Transcripts:  Request the registrar of each college previously attended, with the exception of Northern Michigan University, to send official transcripts directly to the College of Graduate Studies. Official electronic transcripts are accepted and should be sent to
  4. Other Required Materials:  Have other supportive papers, such as entrance examination scores, letters of recommendation or teaching certificates, as required by the specific department sent to the College of Graduate Studies.  Recommendation letters must be submitted directly from the recommender.

Northern Michigan University
College of Graduate Studies
1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Marquette, MI  49855

Non-degree or Professional Development

The Application for Non-degree or Professional Development is for those students who wish to enroll in courses that do not result in the attainment of an advanced degree.  Non-degree admission is granted to students who are not pursuing a master's degree, but have an interest in work beyond their baccalaureate degree. Professional development admission is granted to provide opportunities for certified K-12 educators.

Non-degree seeking students are not required to supply transcripts or additional documentation or pay the application fee. However, please be aware non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid or graduate assistantships.