Northern Michigan University calculates a grade point average (GPA) for all students. The GPA is used for admission into degree programs by academic and administrative departments. Students may view their GPA on the Web at Only the Northern Michigan University GPA appears on NMU transcripts. Transfer students have a GPA for NMU and a transfer GPA. The transfer GPA is used for assessment (progress toward degree) only. A student’s GPA is not released outside the university unless the student has signed a written release specifically permitting the university to do so. Under no circumstances will the university release a student’s GPA to anyone over the telephone. Northern Michigan University does not calculate rank in class based on GPA.

How the GPA is Determined

To compute a semester GPA, the total honor points earned are divided by the total number of credits carried. Credits carried include failed courses. A cumulative GPA is calculated by dividing the total honor points earned by total credits carried in all semesters. Repeated courses count only once, the last time taken. No honor points will be given for work in graduate courses in which a grade of less than “C-” is received. Courses in which a student receives a grade of less than “C-” do not count as hours earned toward the total degree requirement. However, all credits taken at the graduate level are used in the calculation of both semester and cumulative grade point averages. Grades in courses taken for undergraduate credit and in courses accepted as transfer credit from other institutions are not used in computing the grade point average.