The following information applies only to VA-assisted students and is not applicable to other students. In order for the Veteran Student Services Office to submit a student’s certification to receive VA educational benefits, the following standards apply:

  1. VA-assisted students are required to immediately report any withdrawals from school, reduction of credit load, repetition of courses, and/or any changes in major or curriculum. Students who receive a failing grade must notify the Veteran Student Services Office of their last attendance date in the class.
  2. VA-assisted students are required to maintain good standing as outlined in the university's Academic Proficiency Standards policy.
  3. If a VA-assisted student is terminated, that student may certify for VA benefits only after he or she meets the minimum GPA standards as outlined in NMU’s Academic Proficiency Standards policy.
  4. These standards are subject to change through legislative or administrative action of the federal government, and such changes shall supersede this section.

The NMU Financial Aid Office can provide additional information regarding Veteran benefits.