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Psychology at NMU

The Department of Psychological Science offers a master of science in Psychology degree and a certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. Each program has its own set of admission and program requirements.


The Department of Psychology offers a master of science degree that provides students with a thorough grounding in psychological science, preparing the student for doctoral programs and/or positions that require the master’s degree. The MS degree in psychology at NMU provides (a) intensive student-initiated training in a variety of areas of psychology, (b) the statistical and methodological knowledge required to examine basic or applied issues and to function as an applied psychologist and (c) an appreciation of the scientific basis of all fields of psychology. Many graduates of this program will pursue training at the doctoral level while others will be prepared to work in a wide variety of occupations in which an advanced understanding of psychology, research methodology or human research is of value.

Program Requirements

The degree requirements for the MS in Psychology are a minimum of 32 graduate-level course credits, which must include

  • successful completion of a course on advanced research methods (PSY 505), advanced statistical analysis (PSY 506), and using scholarly resources (AIS 535) for a total of 8 credits, 
  • successful completion of a capstone project (PSY 590) or a master’s thesis (PSY 599) for a total of 3-6 credits and
  • a minimum of 18 additional PSY or ABA credits of course work at the graduate level (maximum of 8 credits at the 400 level).  

Students interested in clinical psychology are advised to take PSY440, PSY 507, and PSY564, along with two semesters of PSY592 (practicum). Students pursuing a Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis should take ABA courses required for the certificate as electives for this master’s program (see course requirements for the certificate).

Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

The Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis provides coursework required for Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification. Those holding Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification are qualified to work in applied settings such as schools, hospitals, and other organizations as Applied Behavior Analysts. Graduates of this program will have the coursework requirements for qualifying to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst exam. Beyond earning the Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis, additional requirements to qualify for the exam consist of field experience hours and a master’s degree. Course taken toward the ABA certificate can also fulfill requirements of appropriate graduate programs.


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