Great Lakes Cannabis Education Conference at NMU

Great Lakes Cannabis Education Conference at NMU - April 19, 2022


2022 Great Lakes Cannabis Education Conference at NMU

The region's first large-scale gathering for cannabis education

Hosted by Northern Michigan University and located on the shores of Lake Superior in beautiful Marquette, Michigan, this event will showcase developing trends in cannabis education and scholarship, as well as insights from industry leaders and experts at the forefront of the sector’s evolving landscape. This first-of-its-kind event aims to inspire progress in cannabis education and scholarship through open dialogue, exchange of information and ideas, and celebration of student and faculty success.

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Northern Center at NMU

What to expect

The conference starts at 8:00 a.m. in the Northern Center Ballrooms with a coffee hour and refreshments. There will be speakers and presenters throughout the day related to NMU's programs and the industry as a whole. Lunch is included and the entire event will wrap up at 5:00 p.m., including program tours on campus.

Expect great content, giveaways, and to learn more about NMU programs and a growing business sector!

Questions can be directed to: or 906-227-2103

The Great Lakes Cannabis Education Conference was specifically developed to:

  • Facilitate open dialogue and exchange of ideas;
  • Highlight teaching and research related to cannabis;
  • Showcase evolving trends in the cannabis industry, including product testing, genetic development, cultivation/agriculture, business and supply chain management, design, investment frameworks, and legal, regulatory, and public policy trends;
  • Summarize the state of the industry, including educational needs of current and future employees; and
  • Share findings and best practices in cannabis research, teaching, and learning.

Speakers and panelists represent a variety of subject-matter professionals, including:

  • Faculty and Scholars
  • Students
  • Legal and Public Policy, and Regulatory Experts
  • Industry leaders and entrepreneurs in agriculture/growing, cultivation, manufacturing, testing, and retail

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Hear from Industry Leader, Dr. Riley Kirk

Cannabis Research Scientist at Smokenol and a Cannabis Educator

The Multidisciplinary Framework of Cannabis Research and Education: Bridging the Gap between Cannabis Consumers and the Industry:

As Cannabis federal legalization approaches, accessible and affordable education options are necessary for Cannabis consumers to understand the potential benefits and harms of this plant medicine. Further, more research is needed to understand the practical applications of popular Cannabis consumption methods such as smoking. The high heat exposed to Cannabis during smoking transforms some compounds which interact with the body in different ways, compared to non-combustible mechanisms such as edibles. Social media can be a powerful tool to reach a wide and diverse audience of consumers to provide reputable information as well as gather important data from consumers. Social media is a necessary tool to bridge the gap between Cannabis consumers and the Cannabis industry professionals.  

Dr. Riley Kirk

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Nova, The Cannabis Question

Join our Community Forum and Discussion

The Medicinal Plant Chemistry Club will host a community forum and discussion at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, April 18. There will be a showing of the Nova documentary called, "The Cannabis Question." The documentary was made with a discussion guide that students will be using to moderate the conversation.


Medicinal Plant Chemistry at NMU

Medicinal Plant Chemistry at Northern Michigan University

Increasing legitimacy and legality of medicinal plants nationwide has created great demand for qualified technical personnel and great opportunity for the skilled entrepreneur in the cannabis, herbal extract, and natural product industries. Medicinal Plant Chemistry at NMU was the first 4-year undergraduate degree program of its kind designed to prepare students for success in the emerging industries relating to medicinal plant production, analysis, and distribution.

Our program has been featured on: 


Indoor agriculture at NMU

NMU is at the forefront of cannabis education programs

Medicinal Plant Chemistry: The Medicinal Plant Chemistry program at NMU is not only unique in its scope and content, but has been designed and organized to promote maximum support and student success through mixed cohorts and a year-long capstone experience. 

Indoor Agriculture: NMU’s Indoor Agriculture Associate Degree is a collaborative approach among multiple departments and academic programs to create the first known higher education interdisciplinary indoor agriculture program. The program will provide students with hands-on, exploration-based learning of indoor agriculture, associated growing, and environmental infrastructure systems.

Cannabis Operations Certificate: For anyone considering a career in cannabis or hemp, specialist knowledge is the key to unlocking the industry’s most exciting opportunities. The cannabis landscape is complex, ever-changing, and unique. This certificate will provide you with a clear understanding of the cannabis industry, how it got there, and where it’s going.

Plant-Based Wellness Certificate: The Plant-Based Wellness Certificate focuses on the development of skills needed for careers in the quickly growing plant-based wellness industry including retail and frontline services. Students develop the competencies needed to interact with and lawfully instruct others about plant-based wellness and how plants and plant-based products can impact systems in the human body.